Posted On May 22, 2001

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I’m trying to think of every piece of software that I have that might be illegal…
Microsoft Office that I warezed from work.
Photoshop 4 which I somewhat own (it came with a scanner that I don’t own) which is installed on my Quadra, and then Photoshop 6 which I used the Photoshop 4 CD to upgrade. (I bought the Photoshop 6 Upgrade CD too)
A bunch of plug-ins are warezed.
Illustrator 9 is an upgrade that I bought for which I do not have a copy to upgrade from.
Some extensions/control panels are warezed. (clocktalk, Action Utilities I own, but it’s on both comps. A Better Finder is kinda warezed. I own one copy of Creators and Types, but I have the whole series installed on both computers)
CopyPaste is on the Quadra and my G3, but I only bought 1 copy.
Stuffit Deluxe was an upgrade. I don’t own a previous version.
Toast Deluxe is warezed, but I got the OEM Toast 4.
Mac OS 8.1 on the Quadra is warezed.
I bought OS X and 9.1. And I bought Mac OS 9.
Hefty FTP is warezed. VicomFTP is warezed.
Fuck, I’ll probably go to jail for typing all of this.


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