Posted On May 11, 2001

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I got a 31 page flyer on MacWorld New York in the mail.
I guess I’ll go, but before I send in my $200, does anyone wanna go to New York with me? If you’re a bomb aussie girl, I might pay for half of your ticket, or all of your plane ticket, or something.
The thing is, I need to register before June 18.


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  1. diamondc

    fuckin aye, i’m gonna go.. !
    still a month away to register, I’ll have some money to go then.

  2. hippierage

    Wanna pick me up on the way there?

    • ibrad

      Re: Oooh!
      What would your boyfriend think of that?

  3. ibrad

    I hope I can go.

  4. fastrada

    i’ve never been, and kind of would like to go someday… no more money in the travel budget for this year, however. 😛
    that, and the fact that i’m loath to ever step foot in new york again. 🙂

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