Posted On May 8, 2001

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I got an email from VST today.
They could not save the data on TWICETIMES, but they are sending me 2 new drives.
I can not get over how amazing this is to me.
1) I didn’t think the drives had a warranty, and if they did, I wouldn’t expect it to be more than 1 year. VST didn’t ask me to verify my purchase date. I could have said I got them last week.
2) I thought that since both drives broke at about the same time, it must have been something I did to them.
3) I wasn’t even going to seek help from VST. I really thought I was SOL. I am now very glad that I emailed them, and told them about my problem.
4) I was thinking… I had these drives for not much longer than a year. At $900 for the 2 of them, that came out to over $2 a day!
Like I said, I am very happy they’re replacing my drives!


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