Posted On May 7, 2001

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retouch grass off of face
“Retouch grass off of face”
Fuck that! Maybe tomorrow, but not with 45 minutes to go.


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  1. projectjason

    you msut get annoyed staring at faces like these for a while………is it even possible to take the grass off his face?
    how many times do you wanna puch your screen when looking at pussys like this??


      I don’t usually do mens cards.
      I actually started getting rid of the grass, but I ended up just totally distorting his face instead. I do that a lot when I don’t feel like working.

  2. deuterium_d3

    eeeee… that picture needs more touch-up than just getting the grass off the face, if they want to sell it or whatever. whatthehell’s that thing on his arm? a shadow? you should turn it into a sweet tat and charge them extra 😛


      That guy is a model.
      That pic is the front of his composite card.
      I think he had a scar on his arm.

      • deuterium_d3

        i still think you should turn the scar into a dragon tattoo…

      • pixelpusher

        The scar is, for you young-uns not having to be subjected to such , a smallpox vaccination scar. Ever watch the X-Files? The Smallpox Vax plays a part in the plan for nationwide domination.

  3. pixelpusher

    One has to wonder why the photographer didn’t deal with the grass on the face in the first place.
    “we’ll fix it in the edit” seems like such a sweet option when someone else is doing the fixing.

  4. pixelpusher

    Did I mention that this guy looks like the underage Mexican day-laborer that I want to throw down for a scrump while he does my landscaping?!?!

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