Posted On May 7, 2001

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1) I just scored $100.
2) 4 orders done, 3 to go. 1 really annoys me.
3) I have to go to some guys home to fix his iMac. That mmeans more money.
4) I guess I can go to New York now. And if anyone plans on being here then, FUCK YOU! You’ve had 2 years to give me “the plan”. You are no longer involved with any of my plans. Find your own place to stay.
5) Must go to Wet Willies SOON!


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  1. ibrad

    oh shit, wrong account. sorry. ignore lovepink.
    Cool, I was hoping you would reconcile that, um, delay(s?), so you could go to MWNY. Maybe if I go to the convention with you or something my mom will let me go alone.

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