Posted On May 6, 2001

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Nobody on tv has ever annoyed me more than those kids on the Dell commercials! I HATE THAT “STEVE” KID!!
I don’t know why they annoy me so much, but I want to kill them in the face!


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  1. hyuga

    They annoy me too. I wanna beat them with their damn stupid Dell, but that fruity colorful case would probably break

  2. idigital

    This says it all:

  3. giles

    What the hell’s in it for that Steve kid anyway? Commission? Oral sex? Webcam pics of all the neighborhood moms?
    At least Pepsi’s winning me back over. Tomb Raider and Britney instead of that lip-syncing exorcist reject? Ummm… yes please. Plus THEIR NASCAR guy’s not dead. Coincidence!?

  4. gizele

    Where oh where is that line from?! Kill them in the face!! UGH!

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