Posted On May 6, 2001

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The other night when I went to the MxPx/Good Charlotte show I took my ThinkPad with me because I had got some driving instructions from, but didn’t have a way to print them out. On the way there I decided to take my ethernet card out because I figured it was using up some of the power from my battery.
After the show I flipped open the PCMCIA card on my digital camera, and tried to put it into the PCMCIA slot on my computer. It didn’t want to fit in there, so I just used the USB connection on my other camera.
When I got home I realized that I left my ethernet card in dippy’s car, but he took it to work the next day. When I got it home, it didn’t want to fit in the PCMCIA slot either. I tried my FireWIre card, and it too didn’t fit. So I grabbed a flashlight, and looked in the slot. It looks like one of the pins is bent.
I had planned on buying a USB wireless adapter so that I could use my FireWIre card in my PCMCIA slot. I still haven’t bought that adapter, but I found a way to get my ThinkPad on the net anyway.
I remembered that my dsl modem had both ethernet and USB connections, so I decided to try to use both connections at the same time. I was amazed to find out that this actually worked. My ThinkPad is connected to the net via a USB cable, and my Macs are connected via ethernet.
Of course the USB cable is pretty short, but it’s better than nothing.
I still don’t know how that pin got bent, but my ThinkPad is a lot faster on the net now. Before downloads would max out at about 40k/sec, but the same file from the same site would get up to 165k/sec on my Mac. Now my ThinkPad is as fast as my Mac. I guess it was a shitty ethernet card.


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