Posted On May 4, 2001

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If I had a girlfriend, I’d probably be down with sex right about now. Just because I’m hella moo bored.
Girls like to have sex when they’re bored, right?


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  1. diamondc

    When is the last time you had sex?
    (Just curious)


      Re: !

      • diamondc

        Re: !
        you’re hot, i’d pretend to be a girl for you

      • FANLESS

        Re: !
        can i see your vagina first?

      • yizhe

        Re: !
        Just show him a piece of raw meat…

      • djcandyflip

        Re: !

  2. carrieann

    Or uh, even when they’re not.


      it that a proposition?

      • carrieann

        It’s the sheep picture, isn’t it. Gets everyone all hot and bothered.

      • dawnmarie

        Damn… do you live close to me? that sheep is getting me hot and bothered.
        dawn marie

      • carrieann

        Yeah, buddy!
        Nobody can resist some of that sweet sweet sheep lovin! But this sheepy lives cleeeear across the USofA from you. (Although it does have relatives in Gulf Springs & Mobile, AL!)
        *sheepish grin*
        (Hahah, couldn’t resist. )

      • dawnmarie

        Re: Yeah, buddy!
        dear lord that was bad… but it made me smirk.
        dawn marie

  3. dawnmarie

    YES we do. and sometimes even when we are not bored.
    dawn marie


      so, um… how bored are you right now?

      • dawnmarie

        Unfortunately – i live elsewhere from you and I dont’ get into that cyber thingy.
        Not to worry, i am going out tonite and will think of you when some clod hits on me and I get in his van.
        feel better 🙂
        know i am just kidding with you
        dawn marie

  4. chelle

    depends on the girl 🙂

  5. hippierage

    i’ll say it again… I’m like a broken record
    I still think you are hot. 😉
    I still think you should try boys.
    You promised me that if you didn’t get laid soon you were going to try the guy thing… hehe. I wrote that one down.
    But yeah, I think everybody likes to fuck when they are bored. Hell I fuck all the time now that I have a better half. Morning… fuck… home from work… fuck… go to bed… fuck… wakeup fuck… and I’m still not tired of it…
    So… I’ll suck you suckability! I’m your Biggest Fan

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