Posted On May 3, 2001

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This makes me happy. I did not want to buy new drives.

Hi Christian,

Please package both drives up and ship them out to me at:

SmartDisk PSS
125 Nagog Pk.
Acton, MA 01720

You do not need to send these back in the original boxes. Also, please ship back JUST the drives, unplug any cables that may have come with them.

As I said previously, I will test “TWICETIMES” and try to recover data.
Any drive that I find to be defective I will replace. Testing should take a day, so we will ship the drives out to you the day after we get them.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Tim Fischer
Technical Support Representative
(978) 635-8282


6 Responses to “FREE DRIVES!”

  1. deuterium_d3

    Hey, dude; if your name is Christian, that just makes you eight times of cool. Mine name’s Christian, so that’s what makes me partial to it…


      Re: Whoa!
      Yes, that has been my name for the past 26.5 years.
      I like it.
      I do not like it when people call me “Chris” though.
      Pretty much only my family and elementary school friends call me Chris, cos when I was a lot younger, I hated “Christian”.

      • deuterium_d3

        Re: Whoa!
        Verrrrry interesting…
        Hey! I think maybe I’ll make everybody call me “Christian” when I move down to Fort Lauderdale next week. I can start over with my full name; rock.

      • FANLESS

        Re: Whoa!
        Why are you moving to Lauderdale?

      • deuterium_d3

        Re: Whoa!
        1.) Tennessee sucks, mostly
        2.) My boyfriend lives in Lauderdale
        3.) I .:heart:. the beach

      • FANLESS

        Re: Whoa!

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