Posted On May 2, 2001

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I am a high school dropout.
the end


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  1. ex_ciannait

    My high school considered me a “drop-out” even though I went back for band and choir and was home-schooled for the rest of it.. And I got my GED as my class was graduating.

  2. ex_rabies128

    me too :*|

  3. projectjason

    i got “kicked out”…….and got my g.e.d.

  4. her_holiness

    why did you do it?
    Why did you drop out?


      Re: why did you do it?
      Because after my 2nd Senior year, I was over high school. So I went to college instead.

  5. punkrockgirl

    me too.
    we suck. 🙂
    I think we’re the smart ones.
    high school = pointless

  6. segue

    I didn’t go to my senior year because I was bored, and my counselor was of no help, and had no concern for my welfare.
    I took the GED and went to college instead.
    Never did study for the ACT or the GED, but scored very high anyway.
    It’s all about what you know, and not what you cram.

    • ibrad

      Hmm… Was it easy for you to get into colleges? What college did you go to? What kind of career are you pursuing education for?
      Sorry if this seems nosy… I just find this very interesting. I’m curious. High school fucking sucks for me, and I want to drop out / take the GED test / go to college / be just like FANLESS. 😉

      • segue

        …Hit the road, sleeping under a new tree every night…
        It’s easy to get accepted to any college as long as you have excellent grades and scores. (Some young ‘uns get perfect SAT scores without studying; sick). I never committed to a ‘higher’ education college, because I never had the capability to juggle work and school. I stayed with the community college, but always struggled against the red tape. Financial aid (Fed. grant)is a blessing and a damnation. Too many times I have come close to missing the start of the semester(s) because of it. So, the last time I went was about two years ago. I wish I could say it was all a success, but it hasn’t stopped me from learning. YOu don’t need a school when all the information you need is in a book. And with this ‘growing’ technology, to quote a job interviewer, “Just get a book.”
        My career choices have always changed, but I still do what I like; just don’t get paid for doing it.

  7. hyuga

    I have no idea who you are 😛
    But somehow you’re on my list, so cool.
    I’m on the virge of getting kicked out of school.
    I’m not sure what’ll happen. But within the next week I’ll know if I’m graduating or not.
    It’s sad it has to be like that, considering I’m generally more intelligent than most of my classmates.
    But high school is rediculous anyways. I don’t care if I graduate other than that’d make it easier to do something more worth my time, like go to college. –;

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