Do you know this guy?

Posted On April 30, 2001

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some punk roxer
Tonight I went and saw Ultimate Fakebook, Good Charlotte, and MxPx. The show was pretty dope. Supposedly NFG was there, but I don’t think I saw them. I took 135 pics, and I thought I would share them. (most of them suck cos I just put my camera up and hit the shutter button. No aiming.)
I shrunk the pics in Photoshop, but I still have the much bigger files, if anyone wants them for printing, or whatever. (not very likely)


6 Responses to “Do you know this guy?”

  1. diamondc

    oh nooo.. my mortal enemy!


      Re: !
      Don’t lie! You know you love him. (and so does your girlfriend)

      • diamondc

        Re: !
        ugh.. SHUTUP!
        i so DO not…

      • FANLESS

        Re: !
        I called your girlfriend, and left her a voicemail about how much better you are than Benji. Well, it was something like that. Or, it was a voice mail at least.

      • diamondc

        Re: !

  2. kornstaind

    OH MY GOD!
    I love you… lol jeez, your lucky.. my concert is on the 12th… yay

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