Posted On April 30, 2001

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Another thing that sucked about the show was the stuff that I forgot.
I had a fresh pack of batteries for my new digital camera, but I left them at home. On the way out of town we stopped at Walgreens, and I got a new $9 battery for my crapmaster Toshiba digital camera, so that dippy could use it. We stopped somewhere, and I got 4 more AA batteries. The price tag said $6.99, but my total was $6.35, so I guess the girl hooked me up. It was probably a good thing that I forgot my batteries at home, because the 2nd pack of batteries that I bought were supposedly better than the plain Energizers that I left at home. All I know is I took 96 pics with that camera, all with a flash, and as far as I know, the batteries still aren’t dead.
Then as we’re driving there, I realized that I forgot my Good Charlotte CD at home too. I wanted to take it so that dippy could at least hear them once before the show. Instead, dippy goes “I have limb bizkit cd.” and I was like fine. But when he put the cd in, I noticed something wasn’t right…. “Why don’t they say the bad words on this CD?” I asked. “There are bad words on this CD?” he asked me. “Yeah, you fucking tard! This whole song is about the f word. You bought the fucking little kids version.” It was amusing to me.
And then when we were driving home, as I was transfering the pics from my cameras to my ThinkPad, I noticed that my Good Charlotte CD had been in the CD ROM drive the whole time, so I didn’t actually forget it at home.
the end.


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