Wendy vs. punk bands

Posted On April 28, 2001

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I was just thinking about something…
Yesterday I ditched Zeta Bonzai to go to Wendy’s for dinner and to watch the Matrix. (since it won’t play on my dvd player)
Does that mean I like Wendy (and Zoe) more than all of these bands put together?
First we went to the beach to get Zoe from the playground, and then we walked Elvis for a bit. Then we went to her home, and had lamb stew. It was quite good.
About 1 hour into the movie it started freezing. I fixed it by taking the DVD out, and cleaning it. I had taken my bike there, and planned on riding it home, but I ended up getting a ride home instead. It was fun. Zoe was being funny. I was laying on the floor, resting against a big pillow, and for some reason she wanted to lay on me. I just moved over, making room on the pillow for her, and let her lay there with my arm around her. I think she thought that that ruled.
The end.


One Response to “Wendy vs. punk bands”

  1. encomia

    women before Rock!? noo.
    say it aint so, FANLESS. say.it.aint.soooo!!

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