Posted On April 26, 2001

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It’s like with skin!!
-So far everyone gets 1 except for one girl that I gave a 10.


4 Responses to “pr0n!”

  1. carrieann

    Not quite as exciting as the n00dies, but have you checked out and
    I know there are some others out there, but I can’t remember the URLs right now. It’s sick how easily wrapped up you can get and how long you can sit there and just slap these numeric ‘ratings’ on people’s faces, nakedness, etc. Heh. Good times.


      I had seen but not ratemyface.
      I spent like 35 minutes looking at naked people last night. I feel dirty.

  2. encomia

    am i emo or not
    am i punk or not
    p.s. i’m not a bomb aussie girl and i don’t live in miami but i do need a job and look at my homage to FANLESS!
    [and i’m sorry if this is the 1285th time i’ve entered this in your board, dude. but livejournal is being an ass.]

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