I’ve got responsibility, that is my liability, a menace to society,

Posted On April 26, 2001

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A lot can be said about my unwillingness to talk about this thing. But really, I think it’s justified.
It’s like I was telling Christina the other night… “I’m all about this thing happening, but I don’t feel like it’s at all up to me. When it’s time for me to do my part, I will. It’s kinda like this… I’m all about hopping into my space car, and driving to the moon for dinner, but you don’t see me bothering myself with getting a space car license, do you? No, because it’s not time yet. But you can bet that when it is time, I’ll be all over making it happen. I just hope someone lets me know when it is time to do my part, and more importantly, they better give me ample time to do it all. Don’t tell me that my dinner reservation on the moon is for tomorrow, because I’ll just be like fuck it.”
In other words, don’t sweat me with stupid shit like whether or not a toaster or pillows are available, or who’s picking up who. These are questions that can’t be answered without more information. How about concentrating on the important things first? Furthermore, don’t be fucking cryptic, and don’t keep people in the dark!
the end


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