Things I feel like saying for no reason other than I want to. (for no reason)

Posted On April 25, 2001

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We all had slices of cheese pizza from Rustica, to hold us over until after 2:30. Then we’re going over to Clark’s, which is a new restaurant that is opening next door. We’re printing their menus, so they’re hooking us up with free food, while they test the kitchen. It should be a pretty dope place, and they’ll be open 24/7.
I am totally dying to get a sea kayak.I think it would be coo to go paddling around Key Biscayne. I want to get a 2 seater, so that my bomb girlfriend could go with me. (also so that someone could help me carry the thing down the street to the beach!)
That would be a good date, right? Kayaking from South Beach to Jimbo’s, or something. Do a little diving/snorkeling. I think it would be fucking rad, but I’m kinda crazy like that. I see sea kayaks as bikes for the ocean. I really just want to hang out at the beach/outside more, without getting bored.


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