Posted On April 24, 2001

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I don’t know what my deal is with westerns lately, but I’m willing to say Young Guns II is a good movie.
Now, it’s not Tombstone or The Unforgiven, but it’s still pretty good.
I think my affection for westerns has something to do with being home sick/Walla Walla sick/rodeo circuit sick. Or maybe it’s something else.


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  1. pixelpusher

    Rodeo circuit sick?!?!
    Don’t tell me…
    No wait, tell me!!!


      During college I was roommates with 10 other guys, and about half of them were also on the college rodeo team. Nearly every weekend we would be at a rodeo in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington.
      Since I moved to Florida 3 years ago, I haven’t been to a single rodeo. I went from having bull riding as an every day occurrence to not so much as seeing a bull, almost overnight. I kinda miss it.

      • pixelpusher

        Rawk! I can imagine its really hard on your body, though?

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