Posted On April 24, 2001

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I was trying to find something that would remind me of what I was doing at this time, one year ago.
Instead I found this picture from 2 years ago. I think it’s funny.
bomb girl alert
I had met that girl at Lazerland, and she told me how she had just moved to the beach from Pittsburg, or something.
When I later saw her at Hooters, I was with my friend Scott, and we got pretty tore. I told him that she was my girlfriend, and she played along. At least she was able to remember my name.


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      Re: !
      We had been out drinking, and we were getting ready to go home. We were walking back to the car, and there were these 2 girls that stopped us. They said they had locked their keys in the car, and wanted to know if we could get them out. We did, and I said “Let me get a picture.” One of the girls was cool about it, but the other girl goes “You can’t take a picture of my face, but you can take a picture of my ass.” and then she turned around, bent over and pulled up her skirt.
      It was pretty cool.

      • projectjason

        just nother reason for me to call you a bastard.
        oh yea i put that easter movie you made in my download accelerator(it can continue where it left off)..and with pout me knowing it finished dowloading today, i thought that was pretty funny, the song you put to it…
        oh yea is lazerland thier right when you get to the beach? like around the gastation?
        dont worry i wont be pulling any unexpceted visits on you, i was just wondering since i was around the area yesterday…..
        i saw jamie fox and the cleavlander yestersday, i wouldve taken his pic, but i dont really give a shit about him , or those big guys he was with…..

      • FANLESS

        Lazerland is on 9th street, between Washington and Collins. Across the street from Pizza Rustica, the Bomb pizza place. (which is where I got my lunch today)
        I think you’re talking about Season, another printing place.

      • projectjason

        hmmm …is that the pizza place next to south beach tattoo’s?

      • FANLESS

        Yes it is.

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