Posted On April 23, 2001

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I haven’t touched Photoshop since Friday… Actually, I don’t even know if I used it on Friday, because I didn’t do much other than sending jobs to the printer. I miss Photoshop, and I can’t wait to get to work! Photoshop 6 rules all over every other graphics program.
I haven’t been using my Mac at home much lately either. I think I fucked it up by putting the 2nd drive in it, plus one of my firewire drives is hosed.
I would start it up, and then not even use it for a few hours, and when I would go to use it, it would be locked up. I thought that was because of the new drive doing weird stalling things, but I booted with just the Mac OS 9.1 extension set on, and so far it seems to be working fine. I just wish I knew how to fix my firewire drive. I paid something like $475 for it no more than 18 months ago. That means that if it is dead. that drive had a cost of about one dollar per day.


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