Posted On April 21, 2001

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Earlier today I rode over to Mrs. Bendovas for steak nachos, and while I was there, this apparently homosexual guy walked by. I thought to myself, “The only difference between me and that guy is my bad posture. That’s how I know I’m not gay. Homos don’t have bad posture.”
Then I remembered all of the bomb girls I wanna put the wood to.


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  1. ibrad

    if that wasn’t your typical coming out of the closet speech, i don’t know what is…

    • dethbunny

      I think his last sentence pretty much says that there’s more different between the gay guy and himself than posture alone.

      • FANLESS

        Actually, at the time I was thinking that, I was in the frame of mind that “this guy appears to be a homosexual, but why would I think that? He seems to just be a guy like me, except his posture is different than mine.”
        My point was that I was calling this guy gay based on his posture, which seems quite silly, so I twisted it around to make myself not gay because I have bad posture. Then I added the part about girls to make myself seem less gay, so as to not confuse anyone.
        It was mostly a post for myself to demonstrate how lame judging people can be.
        And it wasn’t meant to be gay bashing in any way. If anything, it was the exact opposite.

      • ibrad

        Thank you for elaborating that, Mr. Obvious. I really would have had no idea what he was really saying if it hadn’t been for your gracious interjection.

      • dethbunny

        No problem, any time. 😉

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