Posted On April 19, 2001

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bomb ass combine
I would give just about anything to have one of these (or three), a revenue earning use for it, and a bomb girl to bring me lunch, and would want to ride with me for the rest of the day.
You know I’m getting homesick when I start browsing the John Deere web site.


4 Responses to “”

  1. ex_candle321

    I drive one just like it …
    They are fun … Kick ass tunes and turn up the AIR!

  2. kneb

    What does that thing even do?

  3. ibrad

    hey dude, lets trade places. (this is the msot important part) i get the bomb titty girls on the beach and you can come have all your fun with the big combines and tractors and shit here in boring nebraska heh

  4. partridge

    Personally I think you’ve been watching too many Aerosmith videos. Don’t go thinking that Alicia Silverstone is gonna come by in a car full of chicks and grab you off that tractor now…

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