Posted On April 18, 2001

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Somebody, and I’m not going to name names here, *coughLuichinycough* came in with a catalog to be printed. The only problem was that they did the layout in… Um… Of all things… Microsoft Excel!
At first I thought this was some kind of joke on me because people had been giving me a hard time because I never deal with customers. But today I found myself alone when the customer came in.
I was trying to explain to the person that I wouldn’t be able to print their catalog, and I was getting annoyed because they just didn’t get it.
Then the guy said “I am a graphic designer, and I have been doing it like this for years!”
I was about to go off on the guy, but David came in, so I passed it off onto him.
What kind of “graphic designer” makes a catalog in Excel?


3 Responses to “”

  1. dfitzpat

    i’ve seen pagemaker (ack!), ive seen ms word, wordpefect, flat jpg and tiff files, and countless other formats aside from my preferred quark. but never… NEVER…. have i seen excel…

  2. orb8

    never mind the excel(!!??) catalog, i want those shoes!:)

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