Posted On April 18, 2001

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Did I mention that I’m running my DSL modem, a fan, and my ThinkPad on pirated electricity?
I never paid my power bill because I’m lazy (and i thought this direct deposit thing was in full effect) so when I got home, before I got inside, I noticed it was very quiet… My AC was off. I was like, “aw, fuck. The power is out again.” But then I noticed that my neighbors AC was on. So, I ran an extension cord from the outlet that the washer and dryer are plugged into. I don’t have any lights, AC, fridge, TV, or Macintosh on, but I got a flashlight, so it’s all good in the hood until tomorrow. It’s mighty hot though.


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  1. partridge

    Glad to see we have our priorities in order. No really. I actually approve. 🙂

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