Posted On April 18, 2001

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How amazing! No George Clooney photos/talk about Rider/broken HTML/”I HATE MY SCHOOL!” comments on the Macintosh Community friends page.
I think someone left the community.


7 Responses to “”

  1. ex_ciannait

    Oh? Who would that be? 🙂


      I um… I think it was… Um… I dunno.
      Sometimes I forget.

  2. dethbunny

    That’s why we don’t read communities’ freinds pages.


      The Macintosh Communitie’s friends page is pretty much the only friends page I read. I don’t even look at my own friends page.

  3. ibrad

    On the other hand, there are also no more random posts with bomb titty girls saying “Why can’t I be like this?!”

    • ex_ciannait

      Bomb titty girls?! Of all the things I never expected to hear out of your mouth…

      • ibrad

        Well, “When in Rome…”

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