Posted On April 16, 2001

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Is $25 too much to pay for a haircut? $20 for the haircut and $5 tip?


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  1. encomia

    twenty fie dollaz good Lawd dassa lotta money fo’ a haircut. how bout i give you 25 cent fo’ a mohawk?
    (a.k.a. Yes. unless, of course, it’s one of those ‘super rock star makeover’ haircuts. then maybe.)


      Re: –
      It was basically a “I want to keep the top long, but buzz the sides and back with a #2.” haircut.
      It was actually $15, plus a $5 tip, which is the cheapest place I can find on the beach. Before, I was going to this girl with big boobs, and she charged $30, and I would tip her $10. But I was trying to get some. Or at least my sholder would get some.
      $20 haircut by a homosexual hippy guy vs. $40 haircut by a flirty bomb girl. That’s a tough decision.

      • encomia

        Re: –
        dude. $40 equals 20 whole servings of 7-11 nachos! (or 8 boxes worth of a Healthier meal like: oatmeal.)
        i say go to the homosexual hippy. then you can Compromise; talk about drag queens/transvestites! And you can have an ass load of food in your fridge, with a neat haircut (cuz homosexual hippies know thStyle).
        but then again.. whatev.

      • FANLESS

        Re: –
        Today I went to the hippy. And the last time I went to the hippy. And I plan on going to the hippy until I get tired of long hair. (Which was almost today)
        He kept telling me “You tho have the perfect hair to grow out. Ith amathing.” I was like, “Thankth.”
        And… All afternoon I’ve been thinking about 7-11 nachos. I was there lastnight to get some, but the cheese thing was broken.
        Miami Beach 7-11 nachos are different than Walla Walla 7-11 nachos. But better in a good way.

      • suppafly

        Re: –
        hehe.. i go to hair cuttery aka chicago hair cutters and pay $12 for wash condition and cut and give the girl like a $3 tip and still get big boobs in the back..
        best hair cut i got was from a big boobed girl for free because she was still in hair cuter school and couldnt legally charge but she loved my hair and was dying to cut it..

  2. projectjason

    yea dude, dont let those girls with big tits, and homo hippies take all your flow.
    find a barbera shop somewhere those are ususally cheap, but then again nothings cheap at the beach, i guess your fucked.


      I love living on the beach, and I almost never leave the beach. But the one thing that sucks the most is that everything costs so much more. Even Subway is more expensive.

  3. ibrad

    nah. that’s actually pretty cheap, by most standards.

  4. rosencrantz

    Not if you’re a girl and you want a *good* haircut. Some places *start* charging $40 for a shampoo, cut & style. Hmm, but if you didn’t get the shampoo, and seeing as how you’re a guy, then I’d say you paid too much.

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