Posted On April 13, 2001

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Work is kind of a sock today. Only 3 people here, and I was just told we’re closing at 3. (which is a good thing because I left my wallet at home) That probably means I won’t get to play with Zoë today. I didn’t even see her yesterday. I can’t believe it’s Friday already. In Seven more days I’ll get another fat paycheck. The fat paycheck is what I’m all about, and I’m not afraid to say so.
I mean, don’t get me wrong… If I didn’t make as much as I do, I probably would still work here. It’s pretty fun, and not really hard/stressful at all.


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  1. dethbunny

    So…any chance a guy like me could get a job there? I’m real good at mangling photos 😉


      Well, we’re only 5 people now, and a lot of the time we don’t have anything to do.
      When I started working there, there were 10 employees.
      3 guys printing cards
      1 scanner
      2 at the front desk taking orders.
      2 people in assembly
      2 people doing laser copies
      Now we have 1 person up front
      1 scanner/laser copy person
      1 person in assembly
      2 people printing cards.

      • dethbunny

        So is the workload down that much or were there just too many people before?
        That’s some major downsizing…

      • FANLESS

        Basically, people moved on to other things, and they never got replaced. Out of the 9 other people that were there when I started, only 2 are left.
        The main difference is that we have new equipment.
        When I got there, the fastest computer was an 8600 (200 Mhz) and the only reason they had that was because the scanner software needed a PPC. The rest of the computers were Quadra 800’s, running System 7. Now we have G3s and G4s. And newer versions of Photoshop help A LOT!
        AND… The new Xerox machine is way faster than the CLC 700s we were using.

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