2001 vs. 1997

Posted On April 12, 2001

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I’m getting buffer.
That makes me happy.
last week FOUR years ago


6 Responses to “2001 vs. 1997”

  1. ibrad

    Sounds like it’s going all to your head! 🙂


      You better be careful! In a couple of months, I’ll be so much more buffer, I’ll be able to squash you like an ant!
      I’ll be able to squat you, your mom, and both of your iMacs at the same time.

      • ibrad

        Ha. I think you better be careful, buddy… I don’t want to have to bomb on you at MWNY or anything. 🙂

  2. pandora

    please. get over yourself already. moving on.

  3. rosencrantz

    Glad to see you have your priorities straight (Playstation in background). ^o^ But no matter how buff you get, you will *never* be able to smoosh an iMac. ^__^

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