Posted On April 9, 2001

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Sometimes things don’t feel right… For example:
Yesterday Giancarlo called me up, and asked me if I could fix his iMac. A couple of hours later he was here dropping it off, and I needed to get a couple of Orb disks, so we went down South to Best Buy and Comp USA. On the way home we stopped at Schlotzsky’s Deli, which is a bomb place to eat at because 1) the food is good, 2) they have iMacs to play on, and 3) they have jalapeno potato chips that remind me of Tim’s Cascade chips, which I haven’t had since I moved to Florida.
After we ate, we went to Coconut Grove, and I went to the bike shop to buy the new issue of Ride. They were all out, but I got a new Dragon fly upper brake cable. I didn’t really need it, but it was only $16, and while I haven’t really tried it out yet, I put it on, and it seems to be better than any other set up I’ve had.
We went to Borders, where I went magazine-fucking-crazy! $56 on Ride, Snap, Dynamic Graphics, Photoshop User (which I should be getting in the mail, as a NAPP member), Mac Addict, Mac World, Design Graphics, and Mac Design, which I wish I wouldn’t have bought because I didn’t realize that Mac Today morphed into Mac Design, and I sent in my subscription to Mac Today a couple of months ago, so it should be starting soon, probably with the issue I just bought.
After we got back to the beach, we went riding for a couple of hours. It was fun because I hadn’t really ridden very hard for a long time. I want to start riding a lot more now.
After Giancarlo went home, I was thinking about how I had just spent nearly $500 that day. I had bought 7 DVDs, 1 CD, 3 Dreamcast games, a 40 Gig, 7200 RPM hard drive, and some other stuff that I can’t even remember. I’m sitting there, thinking that I pretty much have everything I want, and then my mum calls me to tell me that my dad is in the hospital again, and everything I just got doesn’t seem like much.


2 Responses to “”

  1. ex_ciannait

    Amazing how stuff like that puts life in perspective.

  2. partridge

    Perspective sucks sometimes. Well, at least the process of getting perspective sucks.
    Hope your dad gets better.

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