Posted On April 8, 2001

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If there’s one thing that can be said about being a “nice guy”, it’s that people always want to buy you dinner. Or at least it seems that way for me.
Lastnight after work I wanted to go play with Zoë, and I knew she was at the playground on Ocean Drive, so I rode over there. She showed me a balloon that had popped, or as she put it, “kaput”, which must be German, I pushed her around on my bike, and then she showed me how she can be a monkey by hanging from the bar at the top of the slide, and then slide down. After a while Wendy and Elvis (the dog) showed up, and invited me to eat dinner with them. We walked over to Carboza Hotel or something, and ate outside. It seems funny to me that the “Special of the day” is like $20 or more. It never seems like much of a special. I had a blackened mahi-mahi sandwich.
After we were done eating we walked over to Island Trading where Alexa got a pair of flip flops, and Zoë showed me the… um… I forget the word… Whatever the German word for doll is. Anyways, it wasn’t a doll, but a mannequin.
From there we walked back to their car, and I rode home.
The end.


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