Posted On April 5, 2001

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I could have squeezed the last 3 posts into one, but I’m lazy, and my computer/netscape would probably die in the process…
Anyways, lastnight after work I went to this guy, Grant’s apartment because he had called me earlier saying something was wrong with his computer/photoshop/scratch disk. I figured he had a bunch of temp files that didn’t get deleted like they’re supposed to, and that had filled his hard drive.
So I got there, and the first thing I noticed was that he had a whole 5.4 Mb free on his drive. He didn’t have any temp files that were very big.
It turnes out that he has 4.5 gigs of .MP3s and another folder of scans and stuff he had done in Photoshop that was 3.5 Gigs. Plus several other folders.
So I told him to get rid of some stuff, and then photoshop would work.
Before I went there, I was thinking… “Cool, I’ll stop by on my way home from work, spend 90 minutes or less there, and leave with $50. I did spend about an hour there, but I just couldn’t take his money. I mean, how could I say “Your hard drive is full, you’re a dumbass, now give me $50!”?
This was the same guy that had me come over because his DSL wasn’t working. After fiddeling with it for a few minutes, I said “Did you pay your phone bill?” He called his home # from his cell phone, and sure enough… It was disconnected because he didn’t pay the bill. I couldn’t take his money that day either.
Some people need to smoke less weed. Or better yet, none at all.


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