Posted On April 5, 2001

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I mean… If you’re going to take an order, at least do it right.
I just spent a long time making a layout for some twins in Quark, and I was just about ready to print it out, when David said “Is that the Wilhelmina layout”? I said, no, it doesn’t say there are supposed to be any stickers. David said, I know, but I put it up here. Then he points to a part of the order form that has nothing to do with me, and I never look at that part, and it says “Agency: Wilhelmina”. Like that tells me anything.
The fucking momo ALWAYS does that. I ALWAYS have to ask stupid questions about orders because he never fills out the order forms correctly.
Dude, you’re not new anymore. Do your fucking job, and do it right!


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  1. snowgddess

    what is it that you do? just curious


      I work at a place called Lazerland. I usually just design and print out composite cards for models, but sometimes I design other things… Like, cd covers, tear sheets, photographer cards, flyers, and stuff.

      • snowgddess

        how did you get into doing that?
        my photographer designed my comp card for me and printed it out, erm, or maybe his assistant did it, i dont remember.
        is where you work like a kinkos or more than that?
        if its way different then please dont be insulted by my ignorance 🙂
        also, whats so uber appealing about aussie girls? just curious 🙂

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