Posted On April 5, 2001

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I ran Platinum Theme 1.1 today, and that was pretty much a mistake. It made OS X uglier than my asshole! I probably should have looked at the screenshots first.
I just got the biggest boner because Kensington Mouseworks for OS X is out. I hope it works!


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  1. Anonymous

    Who forced you to instal it?
    Who forced you to install the theme? Looks like it was a pretty voluntary thing to me. The “theme” was created for one purpose only. To remove the lines in X. People that I IRC with complained that it was too bright. Personally the one on the left looks much better. Aesthetically it’s easier on the eyes, one solid color, not the lines.
    I’d like to see your theme for X. Since they’re so easy to create. And if you already liked aqua better than 9.1… then isn’t the review a little bias?

    • Anonymous

      Re: Who forced you to instal it?
      Yeah! what he said!
      You’re a jackass and i strongly dislike you!
      you can’t review stuff worth shit.
      DIE DIE DIE!!!!

      • FANLESS

        Re: Who forced you to instal it?
        PLEASE! STOP! You’re hurting my feelings.
        Do you have any idea how much therapy I’ll need to get over what you just said?
        Oh my! You don’t like me? I might aswell kill myself now. I have nothing to live for, since you said that.
        (I love being so easily amused)

      • dethbunny

        Re: Who forced you to instal it?
        Hehe people are st00pid…
        and yes, I agree with you, the platinum look has a distinctive ass aura to it…


      Re: Who forced you to instal it?
      Well, I didn’t really mean for that to be a review of any type. I was just making an observation. I mean, this isn’t or anything. A whopping 4 people will maybe see this, and they’re all probably related to me, and run windows. I was just saying, I tried something out, I didn’t really like it because it wasn’t what I expected. If I would have taken an extra 30 seconds to look at the screenshots first, then I maybe wouldn’t have installed it. Or maybe I would have because that’s the type of person I am. I didn’t say Platinum sucked. I didn’t say Aqua sucked. I actually thought it was cool that things could be changed like like that.
      And to think that I felt… um… sorry, or something for the guy because people seemed to be so critical of the thing.
      I made my post here before I even read what people were saying about it anywhere else.

    • ex_ciannait

      Re: Who forced you to instal it?
      Well, everyone’s got an opinion, and everyone’s a critic. Personally, I agree with fanless here in that it’s ugly as sin.
      Though I don’t know if it was his graphics software, the artifacts are noticeable. (Again, it’s possible it’s from the compression on his software.) If that’s really how it looks though – ugh. Even without it – it’s bland.

      • FANLESS

        Re: Who forced you to instal it?
        The thing I hate about only having LCD screens at home is that my jpgs look fine for me until I get to work, and see them on a crt. then i’m like… fuck, you compressed that too much.

      • ibrad

        Re: Who forced you to instal it?
        What she said.
        Think there is a way to get rid of the platinum? Heh.
        So, what you’re saying, FANLESS, is that lower quality is not noticable on LCD, but it is on CRT? So LCDs are crappier, so that you don’t notice relatively less crappiness? Or that LCDs are wonderful because they can make even crappy stuff not look so crappy? Both of your LCDs are analog-connected, aren’t they.. ?

      • FANLESS

        Re: Who forced you to instal it?
        I already re-aquafied it.
        I’m saying that I think LCDs are much nicer to look at because the text is so much sharper than on any CRT monitor that I have seen. I think it’s a good thing that you can compress images more, and have them still look ok, because that means the file size is smaller. (I know you know this, I’m just saying this is why I think LCDs are wonderful)
        And assuming that the LCD display for laptops is analog, then yes, all THREE LCDs are analog-connected.

  2. Anonymous

    Platinum theme
    I just wanted to make a coment that I love My Platinum theme. It makes things a lot more cludered. It seems with the normal Aqua lines there my eyes kinda wondered more. It just looks a lot more refined and the buttons pop out at you more.
    I love it!

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