Posted On April 4, 2001

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I have a new iBook SE (466 Mhz) and it has issues.
I initialized the drive, and installed Mac OS 9.1 off of my OS 9.1 CD that came with OS X. Now 9 out of the 10 DVDs that I put in it won’t mount on the desktop, and of course the DVD player won’t work if they don’t mount. Changing the extension set to Mac OS 9.1 Base or All doesn’t help. CDs seem to mount just fine.
Several DVDs mounted and played just fine with the stock configuration, before I 1) Initialized the drive, 2) Installed OS 9.1, and 3) Upgraded the firmware.
Is this a known bug that I am unaware of, or is my DVD drive broken?
What do I need to do to get DVDs to play on my iBook?
I think the battery indicator in OS X rules!


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  1. kneb

    Holy shit!
    It looks like radioactive goo in your battery. But I have to admit, that is really cool.

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