Posted On April 4, 2001

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You know you have a bad-ass printer (Xerox) when the Canon tech is impressed with it.
I do not like working with CMYK colors.
I keep forgetting to save my files in .eps format.
Quark needs more keyboard shortcuts, and they need to be similar to Photoshop’s. I mean Photoshops… Um… Photoshops’? Well fuck apostrophes… apostrophies… apostrophe’s…
My brain is broken today., I can’t remember how to spell anything.
Dude on phone: Jacky chan, can I help you?
Me: Yeah, I’d like to place an order for delivery.
Dude: Ok, go ahead.
Me: One teriyaki chicken, and one jerk chicken.
Dude: Ok, what’s the address?
Me: 227 9th St.
Dude: Oh, Lazerland?
Me: Yeah.
I think that means we order from there too often.
On Friday I got an email from Telocity saying that they were giving me a $50 gift certificate to I used it on the Sopranos DVD.
I just got an email from saying that my order has been shipped. So now I’m getting the Sopranos DVD for $28! That makes me happy.


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