Posted On March 26, 2001

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I guess I don’t need to worry about canceling my order, because it just got delivered, (About 10 minutes after OS X was delivered.) Without the Aaron Carter CD.
The thing I’m worried about now is that there is a sticker on my Adam Sandler DVDs that says “French version included”.
I dunno how all the region stuff works, But I’ll be pissed if these DVDs don’t work in my dvd player.


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  1. dethbunny

    Down toward the bottom of the back, is there a globe with a 1 in it or some other number? Or something that says “Region 1” would be just as good.
    It’s probably something where they included a French version for Canadians. They’re in Region 1 like the US so a lot of available DVDs have French audio as well as English.


      I hadn’t opened up the box yet, because I was contemplating sending them back. But I just opened the box, and it says it will work in the US and Canada. So I’m happy.

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