Posted On March 24, 2001

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Jesus Christ, I’m loving life right now!
I woke up this morning, and I questioned what type of problems I had to worry about today. I came up with nothing!
I took some time out of my amazingly busy schedule last night to lay on my couch, and watch tv. I noticed that Gonzaga was playing, so I decided to call my dad and see if he was watching it. Of course he was, and it was cool to kinda “watch” the game with him. The whole time I was like “Do you think they’ll win?” and my dad kept saying “I don’t know, they’re blah blah blah… (pointing out things that they’re doing wrong) And then I’d be like, “Nah, they’ll win.” Well fook me if they didn’t go and blow it! I think my dad is the smartest person I know. That fucker is ALWAYS right.
I was kinda mad when he told me that they bought a new video camera, because I automatically knew it 1) wasn’t a DV cam, and 2) they never consulted me about it. They got this one for a dirt cheap price, but they could have bought my JVC for $400, if I would have known they were looking for one.
Then my dad put my mum on the phone, and I said “So, dad axed me to look for plane tickets from Seattle to Miami. Does that mean you’re coming to see me soon?” She said that they’re not coming here too soon, and she talked about 2 or 3 other trips they’re taking before they come here. (Las Vegas, somewhere on the coast, and some place else, I think)
I thought it was quite odd that it was 67º in washington, and only 70º in Miami Beach at the same time. It’s usually about 30º warmer here, than there at this time of year.
I’m thinking I could use a trip home soon.


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