Posted On March 13, 2001

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1) I love that Lifehouse song, Hanging by a Moment. However, I think it has now lost any and all meaning to me.
2) I think it sucks that the chicks from Dream are so young. I mean, if they were older, I WOULD!
3) It seems that my time is a lot like my money. The busier I am, the more I feel like doing, but I can’t because I’m too busy. But when I have nothing to do, there isn’t anything I feel like doing. Just like when I have money to spend, I can’t find anything to buy. But when I’m broke as a joke, there are lots of things I want.
The end.


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  1. apriljoy

    I totally feel you on the money situation. Making lists of things I want when I’m poor doesn’t help either. I can always justify why I don’t really need it once I do have the money.
    The one time I went and bought something that was on a list I made, I ended up never using it. Maybe my money-filled state of mind is more correct. But then again there is the idea of going to the grocery store after you’ve eaten. You only get what you need and not all the cutesy stuff.
    I rambled, I’m sorry.

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