Posted On March 12, 2001

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It’s good to be back at work.
The floors in the front and the assembly room were resurfaced over the weekend. Our room gets done next weekend, I think.
I got more RAM for my comp at work…
576 MB RAM


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  1. smitty99

    Hehe…I think you got your dimensions mixed up…that’s one squished graphic! 😛

  2. kneb

    That’s crazy mad amounts of memory. The only thing we can run on the Macs at school is the Finder and Netscape, if we’re lucky. Every Mac needs at least 256 megs to be useful.
    It’s also horrible how much memory the Finder uses. I mean, 86 megs?! What the hell is it doing that it needs so much?


      Re: Bastage!
      I’ve had my system use 144 MB once…
      And at home I have a gig of ram, which absolutely fucking rules!

      • smitty99

        Re: Bastage!
        What scares me is how much memory the classic Mac OS uses nowadays…I know shared libraries and the Finder all contribute to that total…but 140+ MB for an OS? Give me a break! I still haven’t figured out how ~2 MB System 7.1 ballooned into ~100 MB OS 9. WTF?

      • FANLESS

        Re: Bastage!
        Part of it is 3rd party extensions. I always use the Action Utilities suite, and enternet 300, and sometimes kaleidoscope, and clocktalk, and a bajillion other extensions. And add about 500 active fonts, and you have a 100 MB system.
        Plus the use of Java really makes the OS use a lot of RAM.

      • smitty99

        Re: Bastage!
        Granted extensions tend to eat memory…but a fairly stock install of OS 9 uses ~50 MB. That’s after a straight-up boot, no third-party stuff, not Java apps running. That still sounds like one hell of a sudden expansion in memory requirements.

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